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Our  martial  arts   school  is  located  in  Gaithersburg,  MD  and  we  provide   martial  arts  training  for  Gaithersburg,   Germantown   and  Rockville  areas.

Please  take  a  few  minutes  to  browse  our  website  and  discover   why  parents  and  children  choose  World  Classic Martial  Arts. Thank  you for taking the  time  to  look  at  the  different programs we have  to offer. I founded the  World Classic Martial Arts  in 1986 to  help  people  learn  the  wonderful benefits  of   Tae Kwon Do. Throughout the years, I have  perfected  the  skill  of  teaching  and  training  future champions in the art of Tae Kwon Do and  in life.

Our programs  are  designed  to  provide  the  highest quality  martial  arts  instruction  in  the country.   Our classes  provide  a  safe  and   fun  atmosphere  for  kids  and  adults while  teaching  respect  and  discipline. We have  many programs that will  fit  the  needs  of  any  child  or  adult.  We  have  classes  for  men,woman  and children starting  at the  age  of 4.

Please  take  some  time  to  review  our programs  and  choose  which  one  is  right  for you.  When  you  are finished, feel  free  to  give us a call with any questions  you  may  have  or  how  you  could    gat   started.    We  look  forward to hearing  from  you  soon  and hope  you  have  a  fantastic  day!

Head  Master  Chan  Ho  Park.

We  also  offer  a  way  for  you  to  try  our  school  out  before  enrolling   to  make   sure   you   like   what   you   see. 

 We are registered and member of Kukkiwon

Head Quarter of World Taekwondo Federation.                        301-258-9797   Since 1986


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