Head Master Chan Ho Park

Birthday:  July 13th
164Place  of  Birth:  Seoul, S. Korea
Hobbies:   Sports,  Coaching,  Music,(Play Drum)  Traveling,
Training  and  spending  time  with  the  family.
Master  Chanho  Park  started   TaeKwonDo  at  the   age 5
Master     Park     is    the   most    successful    TaeKwonDo
athlete   in    the   Gaithesrburg,   Germantwon,    Rockville
area      and       the    only     professtional      TaeKwonDo
athlete    in    Gaithersburg     During     his    37 years    of
training.      He     has     learned     how     to    incorperate
structureand    discipline    wihile   having    fun   with   the
student.  Come   and   see   how   his   classes   stand   out
from  the rest   and   why   so   many  people  are   training
at   World   Classic   Martial   Arts!



– Certified 7th Degree Black Belt
– Certified CrossFit Trainer C.P.R Certified
– Personal Trainer to Professional Athletes

2005 – Official Citation

Embassy of Republic of Korea

2003 – Certified Senior Master License

  U.S. TaeKwonDo Union


  K.A.  Maryland State Team Head Coach ( 5th Place National )


 K.A.  Maryland State Team Haed Coach ( 2nd Place National )

1999 – Citation

 City of Baltimore Mayor’s Kurt L. Schmoke

1998 – Certified Master License

KukKiWon (The World TaeKwonDo Federation)

1996 – Certificate of Recognition

Virginia Governor  George Allen

1995 – Citation

KukKiWon (The World TaeKwonDo Federation)

1999 – Citation

City of Baltimore Mayor’s Kurt L. Schmoke

1994 – Certified U.S TaeKwonDo Referee – A

U.S. TaeKwonDo Union

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