CHILDREN’s (6-12)

A Children’s TaeKwonDo Program

Our   Programs   help   develop   skills   and   values   that   last   a  lifetime.

At  World Classic Martial Arts our children’s programs are second  to none. We  realize that the  ability of  a  child to
defend himself/herself  is important, but  far more important  are  the tools  the  child  will  need  to develop  into  a
well  rounded  adult.  Therefore,  children  learn  respect,  courtesy  and  self-control  while  participating in  a  well
rounded   exercise    program.   As  students   of   the   martial   arts,  children build  confidence   and   self-esteem
while they   progress  though   the   program.   Each   of   these    characteristics   improves   attitude   and    grades.
our   objective   is   to   help    children    improve    in   each    of   the    following    areas.

– Sincerity, respect and self-control
– individual effort and self confidence
– Character and self-esteem
– Concentration

What’s a good school?
We highly recommend you go to a school and watch a  class.  It  is  very  important  to  see  what  the  school  is
teaching. Make sure that there is structure,  discipline,  and  that  they  are  teaching  respect.  Also  look  to  see
if the school is clean and providing a safe environment.We also recommend sitting down with an instructor to ask
questions. Make sure the instructors are Kukkiwon certified. Do not choose a  school  simply because it’s close by.

We are confident in our school, we would like to show you why many people choose to train here at World Classic Martial Arts.

We also offer a way for you to try our school  out  before
enrolling  to  make  sure  you  like  what  you  see.

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