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What is the difference between Karate and TaeKwonDo?
Karate comes from Japan and TaeKwonDo from Korea. Their philosophy is very similar  but  the  techniques  and
applications are very different. In TaeKwonDo, we not only use our upper body, but our legs as well. Karate tends
to use a bit more upper body. Both styles are good for you but make sure you  choose  the  right  school  for you.

How old does my child have to be to enroll?

Kids can start Taekwondo at age 4.

What is the Black Belt Club?
The B.B C. is a program  for  students  who’s  ultimate  goal  is  to  obtain  a  Black Belt.  With  consistant  trainig,
it  could  take  you   3-4  years  to  recieve  your  Black   Belt.   If   you  or  child   is  ready  for  this  commitment,
please  speak  to  the  head  instructor  at  your  dojang.

What’s a good school?
We highly recommend you go to a school and watch a  class.  It  is  very  important  to  see  what  the  school  is
teaching. Make sure that there is structure,  discipline,  and  that  they  are  teaching  respect.  Also  look  to  see
if the school is clean and providing a safe environment. We also recommend sitting down with an instructor to ask
questions. Make sure the instructors are Kukkiwon certified. Do not choose a  school  simply because it’s close by.

What is the After School TaeKwonDo Program?

The after school Taekwondo program is an alternative to after school daycare.  We provide  transportation  from
their elementary schools to the TaeKwonDo School. When kids arrive at the school  they do their homework, play
structured   games  and  attend  their  TaeKwonDo  lessons. We  structure  our  program  with  the  TaeKwonDo
philosophy which is: respect, discipline, perseverance, and self control. Our program is like no other.

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