Why Trial Lesson?

At World Classic Martial Arts we feel that it is important that your
child get the full benefit from a trial of the martial arts. The private introductory lesson gives your child a chance to try out a new experience with the benefit of one-on-one coaching. As a parent, you will see the environment we crate and gauge your child’s interest.
We are confident that this introductory package will offer the best outcome for student and parents. We look forward to hearing
from you soon and hope you have a fantastic day!

What’s a good school?

We highly recommend you go to a school and watch a  class.  It  is  very  important  to  see  what  the  school  is teaching.
Make sure that there is structure,  discipline,  and  that  they  are teaching  respect.  Also  look  to  see if the school is clean and providing a safe environment. We also recommend sitting down with an instructor to ask questions.
Make sure the instructors are Kukkiwon certified.
Do not choose a  school  simply because it’s close by
We are confident in our school, we would like to show you why
many people choose to train here at World Classic Martial Arts.
We also offer a way for you to try our school  out  before
enrolling  to  make  sure  you  like  what  you  see.


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