We are proud to be certified by the atate of Maryland for youth Summer Camp Programs!

Our World Classic Marital Arts Summer Camp is designed especially for junior member. Each day begins bright and early at 8:30~9:30am  drop-off (early drop is available from 7:30am ) and lasts until  4:00~6:00  pm pickup. Our   summer   day   Camp   emphasizes   on   development  of,  Self-Confidence, Independence, Leadership, Coordination  and  Discipline,  all  in  a  fun  loving  environment.  Each  day  packed  with different  activities and  each  designed  around   fun   themes   to   keep   them   learning   about different subjects. During the session,  students  receive  specialized  training   in   Martial    Arts    and    are   exposed   to  exciting   game drills   for   training   their speed,  reaction  and  technique. Students  will  also   receive special  training  in the basics  of   weapons. It  is  the  only  camp  designed  to  improve    your  technique, build   self-confidence, learn    self-discipline,    and   have    fun   all   the   time.


*We go to field trip everyday!

Field trip includes ; Six Flag,Outdoor Swimming  pool,    Bowling,     Ice Skating, Movie Theater, Mini Golf, Park, Laser tag,  Go cart, Water Fountain, Air and space Museum, Adventure Park USA and much more.

Outdoor activities include; Go Car, Golf,  Tennis,  Soccer,    Basketball, Volley   ball,  Picnic and much  more

Indoor activities includes; Reading Class, Math Class, Martial Arts Lesson, Gymnastic, Weapon Training, Board Game,Team   Dodge  Ball, Card  Games  and  much  more.

 301-258-9797  Registration By the Phone    ask Master Park  

You can also CLICK HERE to sign up as well!






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